Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Catch It If You Can

     Sometimes I feel like I go through life chasing something that I'm never quite sure what it is but knowing that it forever eludes me.   

     Felix, my cat, has a favorite toy.  It's a silver mouse that shines a lazer light he sees on the floor as a red dot.  He would chase it for hours if I would sit and play with him that long.  The more I move the light around the harder he chases it, running around tables, jumping on chairs, anywhere I shine that little red dot.   You would think he would eventually figure out that he's never going to catch that dot but instead he will sit beside my chair and beg for me to shine that little light.  He never seems to tire of chasing it.

      Some days I really feel like that sums up my entire life;  always chasing that elusive red dot.  For me, that dot may take on different forms at any given time, changing constantly, but always elusive.   Will I ever catch it?   I'm not sure.

     Until I figure out just what it is I'm chasing in this circus we call life, I'll continue to follow the bouncing ball...running in circles, always trying to get ahead, whatever that means.   Maybe I'm not suppose to know what I'm chasing.  Maybe if we figured out what makes us tick we would lose all interest.  Maybe, like Felix, the chase is the fun of the game.  .

Until next time...that's my view.


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