Monday, February 11, 2013

My Eternal Crush - And My Husband Knows!

     This month's GenFab bloghop topic asks us to reveal our celebrity crush.  For anyone who knows me very well, mine is no surprise.  But for those who don't know me as well, it often comes as a shock.  I guess they just don't see me as the groupie type.

     When I was young, I had the usual celebrity crushes for the time period, Paul McCartney, Peter Noon, Robert Redford, and a long list of others.    Then, I grew up, got married and left my teenage celebrity crushes behind me.  That is, until 1984, when  amidst the onslaught of hair bands emerged this little band called Bon Jovi.    Even with his wild hair and tight clothes, there was something special about Jon Bon Jovi.  When their second album came out and I heard, Living on a Prayer, I knew he was the only celebrity worthy of my undying devotion.  
     Over the years, both he and his music have only gotten better.   Like a fine wine, he has aged deliciously, even better looking than he was back then.  And if you have ever watched, and listened to him cradle that microphone when he is singing a love song with that raspy, sexy voice....well, get the picture.

     Okay, so a little harmless fantasy never hurt anyone.  Actually, my husband knows all about my crush and for some reason doesn't feel the least bit threatened.  Go figure.    I guess there isn't much threat since I've never even gotten to see him live in concert and don't see much chance of meeting him in this lifetime.    Thank heavens for videos!

     Okay, I've admitted my celebrity crush; who's yours?

Until next time...that's my view