Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Who Am I?

     This is the question posed by the 1st prompt of my new writing group called The Blogging Lounge.     Our mission, if we so choose to accept it, is to interpret that question in any form we like.

     So, who am I?  I could answer that with a lot of flowery embellishments that make me sound like something I’m not, or I could be funny and make myself sound like a comedian, but neither is really me.    I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, Christian and blogger who lives a simple, country life.

     For those of you who followed my blog in the past, this is old news; but, since this is a new blogging group, with new members, I decided to reintroduce myself.   

     Hello, my name is Karen Taylor, Kat for short.  I have been married to a dairy farmer and lived on the same small dairy farm for 41 years.  I am mother to one son and granny to 2 grandchildren.   I have 3 sisters, many nieces and nephews and my 92 year old father lives with my husband and me.   My mother has been deceased for 2½ years.    I am blessed to have a crazy group of girlfriends whom are like family to me.  

     My blog, My View Through Kat Eyes, is my personal journal that I share with anyone who wants to read it.  It is a reflection of my life and documents much of my life journey and experiences, both good and bad.    Anyone who has read my work in the past knows that family and friends, as well as my faith, are the most important treasures of my life.  They are often the subjects of my blog posts (sometimes, much to their chagrin).   

     I also have a second blog, that I hope to resurrect in the near future called Life is a Pain…Misery Optional!.  This blog is where I hope to connect with others, like myself, who suffer with chronic pain from various forms of arthritis and other painful conditions.

     So, who am I?   I enjoy life and all that it offers.  I am very excited to get back to blogging.   I am all the things listed above, and much more.   To really get to know me, you will have to visit my blog often. 

Until next time…