Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Angels Among Us

 Dedicated to some special friends.

        I've always believed there are everyday angels among us.  Ordinary people who just go about their daily lives and never think twice about helping out a friend or a neighbor; never expecting anything in return.   One example is my good friend Peg.  Yesterday, when I couldn't find any of my family members to take me to the doctor, Peg was glad to do it and wouldn't take anything in return.  That's just her giving nature, which I've always admired in her. And that brings me to the special angels that I believe are among us.

     For 42 years my friend Peg had the awesome privilege of caring for one of those special angels.  Though many people may have considered this a curse rather than a blessing, Peg embraced the challenge with her whole heart.  She and their entire family's dedication to him was amazing and an inspiration to us all.  His name was Scot.  

      Scot was the most special angel I have ever met.  He was the darling of the whole town and beyond, loved by all.  He was a miracle child who doctors said would never live past 6 years.   God had another plan.  Scot lived to be 42 years old.  And in that 42 years he touched the lives of more people than most so called "normal" or healthy people.  He taught us all how to live and to love.

      Scot never walked, drove a car, or played sports like other kids, yet he never felt deprived or angry.  He never met a stranger and loved everyone unconditionally.  Once he knew you he never forgot you.   All you had to do was walk up behind him and say one word and he would call you by name.  He also never forgot anything he heard so occasionally his language got a little salty at inappropriate times (much to the chagrin of his mother).  But that only made him all the more endearing.  Scot loved going to church and singing the hymns.  He could often be heard singing at the top of his lungs, no matter where he was.  He loved his Lord and he wasn't afraid to let everyone know it.  If only we all could be that unhindered.

     I truly believe Scot was one of God's special angels; sent here to touch the lives of so many people.  Everyone knew and loved Scot.  He never once thought of himself as different, or handicapped.  He loved life and loved people.  He was the happiest person I ever met and you couldn't walk away from him without feeling blessed.  He had an infectious laugh.   He taught me so much.

     We lost Scot 5 years ago last week.  I know his family still miss him.  They are very special people and I am grateful to count them as friends.  After all, God wouldn't trust just anyone to care for his special angels.

Until next time...that's my view.



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