Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making New Traditions

     As I mentioned in my last post, Christmas traditions are very important to me.  Not just the old memories from my childhood, but also the new ones that we make with our children and grandchildren. 

     The grandkids have always loved to help me cook so it was only natural that something we had so much fun doing would turn into my favorite family Christmas tradition.  

     Each year before the kids arrive for the holiday, I choose a special treat for us to bake and make sure I have all the supplies.   Once we start, I guide and supervise while they do all the work.

     Over the years we have made  a huge gingerbread cookie...

     Small gingerbread boys and girls brownies...

     Small Christmas Trees, Santas and Stocking Cookies...

     Which brings us to this year!  This year we have a set of 10 star shaped cookie cutters of graduated sizes.  Once the cookies are baked the kids will icing them with green icing and decorate with sprinkles.  The cookies will then be stacked in varying angles and voila...

We will have a Cookie Christmas Tree!

These are the memories traditions are made of.

Until next time....that's my view.



  1. How cute. Where did you get the cutter? I know my kids would love the cookie stacking. Great gift idea when on a budget! Have fun with the grand kids Kat!

  2. That looks like lots of fun! Years from now they will tell all of their friends about baking with Grandma every Christmas. I bet they even carry on the tradition.

  3. What a wonderful tradition! I need to get one of those giant gingerbread cookie pans!

  4. Daphne, I got mine from Avon, but I have seen similar ones at stores that sell baking products, Wal-mart, Target, Meijers. I am pretty sure Wilton makes one that you could find anywhere that sells Wilton products.
    Jo - Yes, we do have lots of fun. I sure hope they do carry on the tradition.
    Beth - That pan came with a pkg of Wilton decorating tips, sprinkles and food coloring so you might find it anywhere that sells Wilton products.

  5. Looks like a wonderful time and some great new traditions :)

  6. How wonderful! You are a great grandma!

  7. Love the cookie tree. And you're right about the importance of traditions.

  8. That looks awesome Kat. The kids will love it. Please share a picture or two when you're done. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  9. Thanks Maren, we do have a great time! :D
    Thanks Marlia, I love my grandkids and don't get to spend near enough time with them so I have to make what time I have count.
    Thanks Connie, I'm sure you have great times with your grandkids too! :D
    Thanks Julie. Yes, I will share pictures of the finished product. :D

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  11. Okie dokie, back to the topic.
    Have fun Kat. There's nothing better than spending time with our loved ones. Happy Holidays -Kelly

  12. Thanks Kelly, Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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