Sunday, December 11, 2011

Curiosity Killed the ...Christmas?

      This is Felix's new favorite place to lay.  I'm really not sure why,   maybe because he has found something new, maybe because he feels like he's lying under a real tree, or maybe it's because of his curiosity about all this Christmas stuff.  You know what they say about curiosity and the cat     but at least in this case his curiosity is harmless.   

     This isn't actually a story about Felix's curiosity.  Instead it is about the curiosity of a 14 year old girl who wanted to know so badly what she was getting for Christmas that it got the best of her.

                                                      Meet Sister Sleuth...

     It was Christmas 1971 and she thought there was no way she could wait until Christmas to see what Santa was bringing her.  She knew Mom was helping Santa out that year so therefore the presents had to be hidden somewhere in the house.   Sister Sleuth set out to find them.

     Searching high and low it didn't take long to find the hidden packages in the back of Dad's closet.  There was just one problem...they were already wrapped.  Not to be deterred from her mission, Sister Sleuth soon devised her plan.  She would unwrap all the presents and then wrap them back just like they were.  No one would be the wiser.

      With the precision of a brain surgeon she proceeded to skillfully unwrap each  present, being especially careful not to tear the paper.    Once she had uncovered the hidden treasures she immediately rewrapped each one with the same precision used to unwrap them.   Upon returning them to their original hiding place she smugly thought to herself that she had successfully pulled off her mission.

     "Harmless curiosity of a kid," you say to yourself.  Well, maybe.  But without realizing it, she had killed the magic of Christmas.  How much fun can it be on Christmas when everyone around you is opening gifts, exclaiming their delight at the surprises found in each opened box but there are no surprises for you?   Isn't the anticipation and the joy of the unexpected part of what makes Christmas so exciting and so much fun?  I think so.
     Maybe curiosity didn't kill the cat, and maybe it didn't really kill Christmas, but, I do believe that particular Christmas had to lose some of it's magic and excitement for Sister Sleuth.

Until next time...that's my view.


Written for week #30 GBE2 prompt - Curiosity




  1. I also opened a gift, a single gift, once. I was so mad at myself for the next 2 weeks because I knew! It was from my aunt, the best gift giver Aunt! It was a great lesson for me though, it never happened again and I don't think anyone knew.
    My kids used to peek all the time, though. So the new rule was, if you see it before Christmas and I find out that you did, it goes back to the store.
    They believed me, but I think they just got better at covering their tracks! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. As a little girl, Mom peaked into a box and was delighted to find a beautiful ring. Well, Santa had her number, and refused to deliver her package on Christmas. She couldn't say a word.
    She finally got that ring for her birthday. Good thing she's a January baby.

  3. PS. I had that same ruffled collar in yellow polkas and a red spotted pinafore. Good times.

  4. I agree with you, the anticipation gives magic to Christmas! :)

  5. I think every family has a sister/brother sleuth who ruined their own Christmas. It's a great lesson and they only do it once!

  6. sister sleuth has a beautiful smile...and your TREE IS SpeCATular..hehe love love love that picture and the sweet story you shared.

  7. @ Jo - That's a good rule! :D
    @ Kelly - That's a funny story! Your mom picked out your clothes too, huh? LOL! I'll have to tell my sister there was another one of them in the world. :D
    @ Claudia - It definitely does! :D
    @ Laurie - I think you're right! Thanks for stopping by.
    @ Brenda - Thank you. I will tell her you said so. Her name is Brenda too. Love the speCATular comment.
    @ All - Thanks for stopping by! :D

  8. My niece used to do a little pre-holiday investigating, but my sister got wise and her kids' gifts stayed at our house until Christmas Eve.

  9. I've heard this story before. Every kid who goes snooping feels a sense of loss come Christmas. Great post!


  10. Family. They make life interesting and your's is so cool to read about. Thank you for sharing.
    Take care Kat and have a blessed week!!
    P.S. Thank you!!

  11. @ Beth - Smart plan.
    @ Joyce - That is so true. I'm sure it is a common problem.
    @ Julie - Thanks Julie, you too.


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