Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top 10 People I Would Love to Chat With

GBE2 Week #44 Prompt - Make a list and give it a name.

     For this week's prompt we are supposed to make a list.  Sounds easy enough...I make lists for everything.  But then I started thinking...hmmmm (scratching my head),  no one wants to read my grocery list or my to-do list; so what would make people want to read my list?   After much thought, I decided to write a list that at least I found interesting and fun to come up with.   I decided to make a list of people whom I would most like to sit down and chat with if it were miraculously possible.  This is definitely a list that I will have to give some thought to.  So, here goes, in no particular order.

1.  The first one came to me instantly.  My Mamaw Williams died
     when I was only 4 years old.  Most of my memories of her are
     from pictures and family stories.  I've always wished I could
     have known her better.

2.  Mark Twain - Who wouldn't want to sit
     down with him and witness first hand 
     his wit and wisdom.   I am  such a fan.  
     Many of his quotes are phenomenal 
     and  among my favorites.  I believe his 
     writing  is  nothing short of genius.


3.  Mother Teresa - Mother Teresa is one 
     of the most admired women in history.  I 
     would consider  it a great honor just to be 
     in her presence, let alone  get to talk with 
     her about  her life's work.   I don't think 
     there will ever be a more loving, selfless, 
     generous, yet strong woman than her.

4.  Lucille Ball - I love Lucy!  I've always been a huge 
     fan  and I think she is the funniest female that has ever 
     lived.  Her timing and delivery was impeccable.  But
     also, there was another side to her.  It had to have 
     been  tough back in the early days to make it in a 
     man's world so she also had to be a shrewd business 
     woman.   Oh, the stories I bet she could tell!

5.  Mary, Mother of Jesus - What better example of faith could we
     have.   Her faith was strong enough to face the scorn of society 
     in order to carry the son of God.  I would sit at her feet hoping to
     learn what it's like to have faith that strong.

6.  Benjamin Franklin - American scientist, 
     inventor, statesman, printer and 
     philosopher.  It would be amazing the things
     you could learn from him.  I would have so 
     many questions about so many things.  I 
     would really like to know exactly what the 
     founding forefathers had in mind when they 
     wrote the constitution.   Somehow I think 
     his interpretation would be much different 
     than  what is  accepted by
     today's standards.

7.  Rosa Parks - I can't imagine having the
     courage to do what she did.  She stood 
     up  for what she believed in even 
     though  it could have cost her  her life.  
     I admire  that kind of courage and 
     would love to  hear  how she found that 
     inner strength  and conviction.

8.  Katherine Hepburn -   Now there's a 
     woman  who would tell it like it is.  It 
     would be so much fun to sit with her 
     and dish the dirt on the early days in 
     Hollywood.  I'll bet she could tell some 
     stories you've never heard before!


9.  Corrie Ten Boom   - Suffered horrible 
     torture and cruelty at the hand of the 
     Nazis at Ravensbrook  concentration 
     camp when after watching her sister 
     die was released because  of a clerical 
     error.  She still kept her faith and 
     went on to help other survivors.  To 
     hear her story in her own words would be 

10.  Walt Disney -  What an imagination he had!  
       He  was such a visionary and would be so 
       much fun to talk with!

     I'm sure if given time I could come up with several more interesting people I would love to chat with, but for now these are the ones I would most like to meet.  Who knows, maybe one day after this life I'll actually get the chance to do just that.

Until next time...that's my view.



  1. I like your list. Out of all I would love to Walt Disney the most.

    1. Yes Paps, he would be really interesting to talk to. I'm sure in the beginning his dream would ever get as big as it has become.

  2. What an incredibly good list. NOw that you mention it all of those names appeal to me. Now you got me thinking......well done!

    1. Thank you Marlia. It really is mind boggling to think of the wealth of information you could learn from these people.

  3. WOW, now that is an impressive group of people!! Imagine having them over for dinner?? Great list. I struggled to figure out what in the world I could list. I am so impressed with yours!! Brilliant!


    1. Thank you Kathy, I'm glad you like it. Wouldn't that be mind blowing to have them all in one room! Wow!

  4. Your list is amazing and truth to be told I would love to tag along!

    1. I would love to have you! Wish we could arrange it. :D

  5. Can I come to your dinner party? Please? I'll behave, as best I can. ♥

    1. I would love for you to come but I think we are going to have a hard time getting the other guest there! :D

  6. This was a very interesting list! A lot of people I haven't even heard of! :D

    1. Since some of them are from American history I'm sure you haven't. Whether you knew them or not I think they would certainly interesting.

  7. What a wonderful list, Kat! I'd love to talk with several of those folks, too. I'd also like to have a sit-down with Fred Rogers, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Albert Einstein, Jimmy Carter, John Lennon, and Paul Newman.

    Johnny Depp too, but I'll need to meet with him one-on-one.

    1. Yours in quite a list too, especially Paul Newman. I love him. I thought of several others too but decided I would quit at 10.

  8. What an interesting list. Made me think of who I'd put on mine - some would be the same as yours, some not, but I think they'd all have some original things to say. Great idea for a list.

  9. Thank you Beverly. Yes, I agree, it would be amazing to hear their stories.


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