Saturday, March 10, 2012


     Unless you live under a rock, at least in this part of the country, you know that MARCH MADNESS means BASKETBALL, and lots of it.   It's all that is on TV and the only topic of discussion no matter where you go.   During tournament time if you don't eat, sleep and breathe basketball you are out of luck; you might as well hibernate for the next few weeks.

     My house is no exception.    Most of the year there is almost nothing that would keep my workaholic husband in the house.  Not so during March Madness.  You can find him most afternoons that tournament games are on TV either on the couch or in his recliner until time to milk the cows.   And at night after he gets in from the barn you can find him on the couch trying to stay awake to see the end of the ballgame.  If I go on to bed he might wake up and come to bed before his alarm goes off at 5:00 a.m.
      One thing that I must make perfectly clear.  Even though he will watch any ballgame he can find on TV, there is only one  that he would ever root for, the only one that matters as far as he is concerned.  He is a...
True Blue
Bleeds Blue,
Die Hard, 
Died in the Wool, 
University Of Kentucky Wildcat Fan!

     Kentucky basketball is not just a sport, it's a way of life.   Kentucky fans take their basketball seriously and this time of year it comes before eating and sleeping.  Kentucky fans are loyal to their cats and will follow them to the ends of the earth.  They are true blue to the end.

     Now I'm not trying to take anything away from all the rest of you college sports fans out there.  I'm sure you are just as loyal to your chosen teams.  It's just that with Kentucky fans it's almost like a disease that is chronic and spreads like wildfire. I think they call it "Wildcat Fever".   Even a hint of rooting for another team is paramount to treason.  After all, we have a reserved seat for Ashley Judd right behind the team.  How many teams can say that?

     Okay, so maybe I'm having a little fun at my husband's expense.  I do like basketball and I am a huge UK fan, but I have been known to secretly root for other teams as long as they aren't playing the Wildcats (but whatever you do don't tell my husband!).  

     It won't be long now till we crown a national championship team.  When that happens it will be all over but the shouting until next season when we will again shout...


Until next time...that's my view.




  1. The only basketball I watch anymore is the tournament. Bring it! Fun post!

  2. Well if that's his only vice - I say have at it!!!

  3. Well, this is a slice a life I don't know about. Not the sports part but the dairy farm part! My husband gets up at 5am too but not to milk cows. Though he hates his job so much, I'm sure he'd prefer it!

  4. We don't have a serious basket ball league here, I would LOVE to see some amazing basketball in the US!

  5. Basket ball is not that big here. But cricket is really really big. We live and breath cricket over here:) So I know what you mean. It is big college level too.

  6. We bleed blue around here, but it's Cougar Blue and in BYU. They don't usually get past Sweet 16, but it's still fun to watch.

  7. Kat, I'm a big basketball fan, too, but in my case it's the NBA--the Celtics! Yes, I bleed GREEN! Here in RI we consider ourselves very lucky if one of our colleges--Providence or URI--makes the tourney every five or six years or so. That's very good for us. My husband and I have been enjoying Brown games. The Ivy League, with a few exceptions (Harvard? Penn?) rarely makes the Big Dance, but that what makes it fun to watch--these kids play for the love of the sport without expecting big payoffs. Enjoy your tournament, and congrats on your #1 seed!

  8. Thank you Elaine. Yes, it is fun to watch. Thanks for stopping by.


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