Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Unexpected Surprises

    But then, if they weren't unexpected they wouldn't be a surprise now would they?  Surprises come in many forms; they can be fun, terrifying, or life changing.  I would like to tell you about the biggest surprise I ever got and it falls into all three categories.

     It was the afternoon of Christmas Eve, 1971.  Kenneth and I had been dating since July and we were at his parents house exchanging presents.  It was early afternoon because after we finished with his parents we had to drive 80+ miles to have Christmas with my parents.   It seemed like a perfectly normal, quiet Christmas Eve.  As we began to open our presents, Kenneth handed me 2 packages.  Neither were very large, but they weren't suspiciously small either.  I picked up the larger of the 2 and began to open it...I pulled off the paper and thought to myself, "is this a jewelry box...could it be...no, it couldn't...it's not the right shape".   Slowly, I opened the blue box, and at that moment, my life was changed forever.   

      Yes, in case you haven't figured it out by now, it was an engagement ring.  I definitely had never had a surprise like that.  I think I screamed and cried, all at the same time.  The rest of the afternoon is kind of a blur.  All I could do was grin from ear to ear and stare first at my ring and then at Kenneth.  I do remember the other box was a pair of birthstone earrings (garnets) and his mother had hand knitted me a white cape.

       After we finished there, I couldn't wait to get to my parents house to tell them the big news.  I was so excited that when we crossed the bridge into Indiana I told him to take the wrong turn and we had to go the long way around. (I'd only driven this route about 500 gazillion times!)   Even in all my confusion we eventually got there and surprised everyone with the news and my beautiful new ring.

      That ring is still as precious to me today as it was that Christmas Eve afternoon so many years ago.  As I said in the beginning - some surprises are fun, some terrifying, some life changing and some all three; but, after all, aren't those the best kind?

Until next time...that's my view.


Written for the GBE 2 Challenge, week 26


  1. Oh Kat what a romantic story.....

    Very lovely!!


  2. Awww, how sweet! That's the kind of proposal we see in the movies!

    Oh, and I'm so glad you've joined the GBE! The members are all really wonderful, so I'm sure you'll make some great new friends. :O)

  3. Thanks Marlia! Beth, that's my life...an unwritten movie! :D And Thank you. I'm looking forward to making some new friends! I love the ones I've made already!

  4. Welcome, welcome! I love this story. Merry Christmas to YOU! :)

  5. What a romantic story!! I believe "put up or shut up" were the words I gave my husband when we were discussing getting engaged. Somehow, that doesn't make as nice a story, does it?

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. @Jo - Thank you. I am so glad to be a part of your group. I'm a newby to this writing thing so thanks for your encouragement.
    @Amy - Let's just say yours would make a different type of story! :D Thanks for visiting!

  7. Awww. That's the best kind of surprise. :)

  8. OH yes Kat, a brilliant surprise indeed.

  9. I love your writings Kat. Now that was a great surprise. When Jim proposed to me we were sitting in the k-mart parking lot and he asked and I sorta looked around like he must be talking to someone else...he smiled and say "you". Not to romantic the parking lot but I'll take it any day. Well 31 years later he's still mine.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  10. What a sweet story. You told it with such passion and joy, and it really made me smile :o)

  11. Thanks Kelly! Awww, thank you Julie. I enjoy your writing also. Hey, we make our own romance...if the parking lot is what got him in the mood, so be it. :D Thank you Mojo. I appreciate your kind words. Please come back!

  12. Love me some romance and that post had it in spades x


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