Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Finding Your Inner Floozie (2nd of 3 in series - Girls Weekend Adventure)

     It was a rainy Friday afternoon in Pigeon Forge and we were out and about.   This small tourist town offers a never ending array of shopping and entertainment, regardless of the weather.  One of those attractions, found on nearly every block, is the Old Time Photo Shop.    Now be honest, once upon a time you donned the apparel of  a southern belle, a saloon girl, a cowboy or outlaw and posed for the cheesy picture...right?   Well, so did we.

     Brenda had planned this all along.  Some were all for it and some of us were just a little reluctant.  Protesting only slightly we finally agreed.  The shopkeepers were a man and a nice young lady whose name was Stephanie.  Business was slow so I'm sure they were glad to see us come the beginning.   Little did they know their afternoon was about to turn into total chaos.

       Sweet little Stephanie had the daunting task of finding costumes for all eleven of us.  She began by asking who wanted to be Madames or Southern Belles and who wanted to be the Floozies.    That's all it took; upon hearing the word Floozies, things began to get wild.  After all, who hasn't dreamed of channeling their inner floozie? 

      Those who chose to be Madames  were able to put their costumes on over their clothes, so dress selection began.  Those of us who chose to be Floozies had to take turns in the one tiny dressing room where we were instructed to put on our fishnet stockings, a pair of knit shorts and a strapless tube top.  We were not a pretty sight and the laughs became more and more hysterical.  By the time dresses were chosen to cover up these not so flattering undergarments, we were laughing so hard we had drawn an audience.

      We chattered and giggled so loud that three women who were passing outside stopped and watched us through the window.  Soon they came in and just stood and watched, laughing right along with us.  They too were having a girls only weekend, their 20th consecutive yearly outing.  They planned right then and there to bring their group in next year for an old time photo.

       Imagine eleven women getting dressed in an area about the size of a closet.   These were not easy dresses to get into.  If you know anything about wild west women you know they wore corsets.  We did not have corsets.  We had several middle-aged women trying to cram way too much into way too little, if you get my drift.  Let's just say popping out at the seams now has a whole new meaning for most of us.   And, to make it even more hilarious, most of the dresses did not have backs.   On the front side was this fancy, colorful, sexy dress and on the backside was tight shorts and tube top with ties pulled across and tied as tightly as possible.  (I lucked out!  Not only did I get my favorite color, red, it also covered my backside!)

      Almost 2 and 1/2 hours after we walked into that shop we finally had a finished photo.   We actually closed down the shop and I'm sure the shopkeepers couldn't wait to get out of there.  One thing is for sure...they will never forget us.

     And we will never forget the wonderful afternoon we had finding our inner Floozies.

Until next time...that's my view.




  1. Oh gosh I just wish I was there!!! I wanna come next time!!!!

    Oh and did anyone take a pic from the back LOL!!

    Funny, funny, funny!!

    Part 3 now please!!


  2. Fun stuff. Glad you enjoyed yourself, kat.


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