Friday, November 11, 2011

Dreams Do Come True (Well, sort of)

     Remember when you were a child and you dreamed of what you'd be when you grew up, or maybe, who you'd marry or where you would live?  I was no exception.  I had a very vivid dream of exactly what my life would look like when I grew up.  It went something like this...

     I was going to marry the rich, handsome, owner of a thoroughbred horse farm.  Our farm would be huge, with beautiful rolling hills and lush, green fields where magnificent stallions and mares would roam.  Each field would be surrounded by white wooden fences, kept painted immaculately by the hired hands.    The horse barns would be clean and sparkling, like palaces for our precious horses.

     The drive back to our house would be long and winding, lined on both sides with beautiful flowering trees.  There would be a stone gate at the entrance, greeting all who entered.    Upon reaching the main house, the sight would be breathtaking.   It would be a large, white two-story antebellum style house, circa Gone With the Wind, with wrap around porches, balconies and massive columns.  And of course I would have maids to clean all those rooms.  Now, how is that for a dream?

Then, I grew up.

      But, hey, who says dreams don't come true...well, sort of.   I did marry a handsome man who owns a farm - a dairy farm, not a horse farm; and the rich part, not so much.   We do have lots of hills, not too lush, filled with cows instead of horses and closed in by wire and unpainted wood, not white wood.    Do we have barns?  Yes, but without all those hired hands, let's just say clean they are not.

     I do have a winding driveway, but it is short, steep and graveled.  There is no tree lining, but you do pass a lilac bush.  Instead of a large, white, antebellum style home I have a small, cozy  farm house with yellow siding; and I do have a porch, just not a wrap around, and without the maids.   But, after all, we can't have everything!

     So, you see, dreams really do come true, sort of.  Mine may not have come out exactly the way I dreamed it, but it came out exactly the way I needed it.   I wouldn't trade my life on my little dairy farm for all the horse farms in Kentucky.  
      I'm not sure where I once heard the quote:   "Happiness is not having what you want, it's wanting what you have."   I believe it.

Until next time...that's my view.





  1. I love cows and lilacs and wrap around porches.

    Hey Kat, why don't you check out GBE 2? They're a very nice group of writers to interact with. I didn't manage to add the link to my button, but you can find it on Beth's site at The group shows as closed, but click the ask to join link and presto viola.

    Have a lovely day -Kelly

  2. Thanks Kelly. I've seen that on Beth's blog but I wasn't sure just what it was. Do you belong?

  3. Wow Kat - you stole my dream almost - all but the horses, not keen on them. But you are absolutely right about that quote. I too am at the point where I am happy with what I have and being happy with it makes me even happier - if that makes sense.

    Love your posts....

  4. your place sounds serene... i'd take it.
    yeah, i GBE2, too...
    kelly is right.... nice people..

  5. @ Marlia - Like I've said before, you and I are kindred spirits.
    @ danneromero - Yeah, it is peaceful and it's home.


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