Monday, October 3, 2011

His Daily Bread

     My husband is spoiled.  Don't get me wrong, it is my fault, but, none the less, he is spoiled.   Not in the ways you may be thinking.  He really is a great husband...very loving and helpful.  But there is one thing in his life that has him very spoiled and he's not likely to change anytime soon.  That thing he would never give up, you ask?

His homemade sourdough bread.

     For several years now, probably 12 to 15, I have made 3 loaves of homemade sourdough bread every week.  The only exceptions have been a few times following surgery or some other health issue (such as a broken ankle) that prevented me.  Sometimes even then he would get my sister to help him bake it so he wouldn't have to do without.  You could probably count on one hand the number of loaves of bread we have bought from a  grocery store.  What can I say, the man loves his bread!

     It's really not a big deal.  Considering the pleasure he gets from it, it is a small sacrifice on my part.  Actually, I enjoy making it, but don't tell him. 

Believe it or not, this is how it starts.
One morning a week I feed this jar of starter.  I got my original starter from my mother-in-law.
That evening I remove 1 cup of starter to mix my bread and return the rest to the fridge.

Once I have mix up my bread dough, I place it in my large bread bowl to rise overnight.

The next morning I punch down the dough and divide it into three loaves.

I brush each loaf with corn oil and let rise most of the day.

When the loaves have raised they are baked, removed from oven and warm tops are brushed with butter.

And there is nothing better than fresh bread right out of the oven!

Such a small price to pay to keep a happy hubby!

Until next time...that's my view.



  1. OMG I want some starter too, where do you get it? I bake bread in the bread maker. But this sounds too good for words!!!


  2. Marlia,
    I got my original starter from my mother-in-law and I don't have the recipe for the starter, just how to make the bread once you have a starter and how to feed it to keep it going. I searched on the internet and found this website The recipe for the bread is really close to mine so the starter recipe might work. Try it and let me know how it works.

  3. Thank hun - I will have a look.

  4. Hubby is a wise man. I love fresh bread. Not that I'm drooling, but what's your address?

  5. Those look beautiful and delicous too. Lucky Man! I am envious because I can't even bake well from a box : ) However-I was once an Avon Lady for awhile too!


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