Friday, October 21, 2011

Families Are Like Puzzles

     My Dad's favorite hobby is working jigsaw puzzles.  It would be impossible to guess how many he has completed over the years.      Some start out as a few pieces, others have 1000 pieces.  Some may fall into place easily and take only a short time to complete; others take him months of diligently working to fit all the pieces together.   In the end, he has a beautiful work of art.

     Families are much like jigsaw puzzles.    Some made up of many individuals and some only a few.   Of those individuals, no two are alike.  They may be straight laced like the border that provides the guidelines of the family; or, they may be a little square, like the cornerstone that keeps the family grounded.  Then, of course, you have the various shapes and sizes of the interesting family members who keep things lively and a little difficult at times.  

     Like a puzzle, a family requires all these components to make a complete unit.  Families have a way of fitting together, in spite of individual differences, to form a unified circle of love, support and harmony.  That doesn't mean  they always agree or that everything comes easy.   But when chips are down, family comes together.  And in the end, you have a beautiful work of art.
My puzzle, worked by Dad, Sept. 2011

Until next time...that's my view.


  1. Wonderful Kat! Being a puzzle person I love ths metaphor...



  2. Thanks Marlia. I enjoy them too, but I don't have the patience my dad has.

  3. My mama use to do puzzle every single winter. It was always so cool to go over for a visit and just sit and help her do them. Sorta wish we could do that again.
    Love your pictures and your dad and your writings. Take care Kat. Blessings.


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