Monday, April 1, 2013

On Hold For Now

Dear Friends and Readers,

      I am so thankful for the amazing people I have met since starting this blog.  I love and appreciate each of you more than you know.    Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way and I find it necessary to take a temporary break from blogging. 

     My 91 year old father hasn't been feeling well and has moved in permanently with my husband and me.  This has required many changes in our household and my routine.  Family always comes first and right now that is where my attention lies.  I will still keep up with many of you through facebook and will try to drop in on your blogs when I can.  

     Thanks for your support.  Please know that each of you have a special place in my heart. 

Until next time....that's my view.


  1. Family first, absolutely.

  2. Hope your father is doing fine and take care of yourself.


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