Saturday, December 15, 2012

My First Car

     What teenager doesn’t dream of their first car?  Not your parents’ car that you drive when you first get your license, that doesn’t count.  You dream of YOUR first car; the one that actually belongs to you; that you buy and pay for with your own money.

     What will you get?  Maybe a red sports car…or maybe blue, powder blue.  And what make will it be…perhaps a camero, or better yet, a mustang!  (You have to remember, this was a long time ago!)

     For me, the year was 1971.  I had moved in with my sister’s family for the summer, after graduating high school.  I got a job about 8 miles away at Stuckeys and needed a way to get back and forth to work.  At 18, and working in the diner at Stuckeys, I was your typical struggling young woman; in other words, flat broke.  Obviously, my first car wasn’t going to be anything fabulous. 

     Since I knew absolutely nothing about a car and my brother-in-law did, he set out to find me an affordable car that would get me back and forth to work.  Me, I’m still hoping for that cute little sports car.

     Finally, the big day came.  Gayle had found me a car and I couldn’t wait to see it!  Imagine my surprise when I saw this…

     That’s right!  It was an early model Rambler.  A box on wheels.  Skin color beige.  Undoubtedly the ugliest car I had ever seen in my life!  Maybe that’s why I don’t even have a picture of the actual car, but, the one above is very similar.  I’m not even sure what year model it was but I think late 50’s or very early 60’s. 

     But, on the up side, it did run and it was in my price range.  By summer’s end, I had become quite fond of my box.  I kept it until fall when I got a job at a bank in Louisville and would have a much longer commute back and forth to work.  I then traded my little clunker in for a gold Chevy Chevelle.  I finally had my sports car.

Until next time…that’s my view.

Written for this week’s GBE prompt – Your First Car


  1. Never understood the appeal of the Chevelle. I just never liked them! My husband bought one for me after we were married and I basically gave it to him to drive! He loved it.

  2. Love the Rambler, but you are right, not exactly a can an 18 year old appreciates! My first was a Volare, also at 18. Coolest thing in it was that the seat back onthe passenger side folded down flat. My husband and I would go the park in winter and have picnics in the car! PS - Loved the Chevelle's!

  3. I'm not sure that it was that special, it was just such an improvement over the rambler!


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