Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Smile for You

     Who doesn't love a smiley face?  You've seen those cute little faces that people include in their emails and on their facebook status updates.  Did you ever wonder where they come from?
     Believe it or not, a website called has a download that gives you an endless choice of emoticons to suit every message and mood.  It is completely free and once downloaded, you can add those cute little pictures to your facebook status, facebook messages, emails, and even twitter updates.  Who wouldn't want to show your friends how you are really feeling with facebook smileys chat!
      When you download the facebook emoticons, you get 3 separate galleries of different pictures.  Maybe you are feeling tired, or upset, or right down mad...there's a smiley for that.  Perhaps you want to express that you are jumping for joy...there's a smiley for that.  And when you are feeling all warm and fuzzy, there are all kinds of smileys for expressing your love.  Then let's not forget the holidays...there are plenty of smileys to cover that.   No matter what you are feeling, there is a smiley to express it.

     So the next time you chat with a friend on facebook, why have a boring chat with plain old words!  Instead, why not have a facebook smileys chat!

Until next time...that's my view.

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