Thursday, August 2, 2012

Unexpected Surprises

     Today at lunch Kenneth and I were sitting at the table when the UPS truck pulled in.  "What have you ordered now?" he asked accusingly.  Nothing except my Watkins supplies and I just ordered them yesterday.  They wouldn't be here that quick." I said defensively.   "Well he's carrying a purple box" he said as he glanced out the kitchen window on his way to the door.

     As he walked back into the kitchen, he asked with a smirk on his face, "Who would be sending you flowers?", knowing quite well they weren't from him.

     Oh my gosh, who wouldn't be totally surprised and excited to get a package like this from the UPS man?

     I was totally shocked and couldn't wait to get inside!  No one ever sends me flowers for no reason.  It wasn't my birthday, anniversary, Valentines or any other flower giving event.    I was ecstatic!  I love to get flowers!  But who could they be from?  And what did they look like?  There was only one way to find out and I couldn't get that box open fast enough.

     They were beautiful!  Sunflowers!  I love sunflowers!  I love yellow flowers period because they are so cheerful looking.  They remind me of sunshine!  But who could have known that!

     Imagine my surprise when I opened up the card and found the sweetest note, to both Kenneth and me, from none other than my great friend Jo.  How sweet (and unnecessary), but greatly appreciated, thanking us for the fun afternoon we had when she came to visit on Tuesday.   Believe me, the pleasure was all ours.

     Unexpected surprises can be some of the best moments in life.  These beautiful sunflowers totally made my day and now I will be able to enjoy them for days to come.  Thank you Jo.  They are not only beautiful, but very special, just like you.

Until next time...that's my view.

                                          Written for week #63 GBE2 prompt - unexpected.


  1. YAY! So happy you got them and liked them. Not necessary, but sent with all my love and appreciation for your outstanding and also unnecessary hospitality.

  2. Well, all I can say is it is quite apparent that we both love and appreciate each other! XOXO

  3. The pic of the flowers made me smile, lovely

  4. so awesome... i am seriously so happy you two met... <3

    1. Thank you Daphne. So am I. Maybe one day you and I will get to meet too.

  5. I was smiling at this when I read it. :) How sweet of Jo! Kat you're lucky to have such a friend.

    1. Thank you and yes I am, very lucky!


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