Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sailing the High Seas (and I do mean high!)

     Last week was amazing!  So amazing that I don't even know where to, I guess I'll start at the beginning.
     This is our first picture on board.  We had just walked up the ramp onto the ship, our home away from home for the next 7 days.    From there we were sent up to the Windjammer Cafe on Deck 11 where lunch was served.  This was the beginning of a never ending array of food available at our beck and call.   The food was wonderful and always plentiful any time of day or night.  Most mornings we had breakfast brought to our cabin where we could enjoy at our leisure and drink coffee on our private balcony.  

     Exploring the ship was so much fun.  I was totally in awe everywhere I looked.  It was so glamorous  and beautiful - unlike anything I have ever seen.    We had 2 adjoining cabins on deck 7.  They were great...much roomier than I expected, and were close to the elevators making access to almost everything convenient.  It was like being in a city that never closed; shopping, restaurants, movies, live shows, music, swimming, rock climbing, putt-putt golf, casino, you name it, it was available.

     Our second night out was our first formal night.  We felt so glamorous going to dinner that evening.  There were photographers at every corner waiting to take your picture.  Of course, I took just a few myself.  By the time  I got home my camera had 442 pictures on it.   I guess I got carried away!  At dinner each evening we had the same waiter and assistant waiter, Fnu and Christian.  Fnu was from Indonesia and Christian was from Peru.  They were so nice and by the end of the week you really felt like they were family.

     Now, before I go any further, I must include the fact that not everything went according to plan during the first 3 days.  On Sunday when we pulled out of Florida, it was extremely windy.  As we got further out to sea the wind seemed to pick up speed.  I knew the ship was definitely rocking but since I had no previous experience to compare to I thought maybe it was normal.  I was hoping not.  Let's just say it was really hard to walk a straight line.  One minute I would be on the right side of the hall and next thing I knew I was on the left side - and I wasn't even drinking!  On Monday morning we were supposed to dock in Cocoa Cay, Royal Caribbean's private island where they were to put on a big bar-b-que and we were to spend the day at the beach.  This was the only stop where the ship could not dock at a pier but instead had to drop anchor a ways out and passengers would board small tenders to row into shore.   As luck would have it, the wind was so strong that it was unsafe to take the small boats into shore because of the rough waters.  We completely missed our day at the beach.   Even though I was so looking forward to a day at the beach, I can't really say the day was a disappointment.  There were so many activities on the ship that we had a great day anyway.

     Before we knew it, Wednesday arrived and we pulled in to the beautiful port at Charlotte Amelie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.   After taking a guided tour of the island, we returned to the shopping district closest to the ship and shopped till we dropped.  It was dark when we pulled out of port. 

                                      Next morning we arrived in beautiful St. Maarten's, on the Dutch side of the island.   This was my favorite of the 2 islands we visited.  It's beauty was breathtaking.   After getting off the ship we walked up the pier toward the shopping district.  We had just passed through security and suddenly realized Brenda wasn't with us.  We all began looking around for her and finally spotted her.  We nearly rolled on the ground with laughter.  You would have to know Brenda to understand why none of us were surprised. 

This is where we found her...


     Once we tore her away from the band, we spent the morning shopping and then took a bus tour of the island which took us over to the French side where we shopped at a local bazaar. 

Beautiful beaches everywhere!

                                            Definitely our favorite port!


     Every evening when we returned to the cabin we were greeted by a new pet.  A rabbit, a swan, a monkey, we never knew what the cabin steward would leave on our bed.


     Luckily, after the rough wind and waters the first three days the rest of the cruise was smooth sailing.  None of us got the least bit sea-sick and we all had the time of our lives.  Both days in port were perfect weather and couldn't have gone any better.   I could ramble on and on for days about the great times we had but I'll just leave it at - IT WAS AWESOME!

Until next time...that's my view.



  1. Sounds fun and the pics are great! I love cruising, too. Glad you all had a great time.

  2. Sounds like a ship-load of fun! Glad you made it back safely, Kat. :D

  3. Welcome back Lady of the Seas. Glad you had such a lovely time. Missed you though. Hoping you have more stories to tell us.



  4. Sounds like an amaaaazing trip!!

  5. @ Jo - Thanks Jo, it was wonderful!
    @ Daphne - Thanks, so am I. The morning we left was the morning they showed the Italian ship that turned over. Talk about timing!
    @ Marlia - Thank you, it's nice to be missed. I'll see what I can do.
    @ Maren - It was amazing! Unlike anything I had ever experienced.
    @ Jenn and Casey - It was! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. What fun you crazy ladies must have had! Great memories, I'm sure!

    1. Yes, it was great, but then we crazy ladies have a good time no matter where we go! :D)


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