Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Celebrating Life

     Today is my birthday!  Today I celebrate 59 years of life.  "What!  Is she crazy?" you may ask.   Women don't tell their age, isn't that what we've all been told?  Well this woman does.  I celebrate every year I am graciously given to enjoy.  After all, I've earned every line and every wrinkle on my face and I wear them proudly as a badge of courage.  As Bette Davis once said in one of her last public appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, "Getting old isn't for sissies."  Never were truer words spoken.

     I believe that every person is unique and special.   Everyone has one day a year that they should be celebrated.  Forget trying to hide your age (what's the point, you're really not fooling anyone).  Be proud of every year you have accomplished...for it is an accomplishment.  Life is tough and comes with no guarantees of happiness.  Therefore, we must do everything within our power to create our own happiness for ourselves and those around us.   One way we can do that is to celebrate those we love and what better day to do that than on their birthday!
     I started celebrating my birthday on Monday when my friends surprised me with a birthday party.     It was so much fun.  Don't get me wrong.  Making someone feel special on their birthday is not about expensive gifts or spending money.  All it takes to make someone feel special is to show them you care and you are glad they are in your life.  Tell them you love them; spend time with them; laugh and share yourself.  Make them feel like for their special day they are the most important person in the world - even if it isn't on the exact day.  
     Of course, it's important to make sure your friends and family know how much you love them everyday.  Don't wait for just one day of the year.  But when that one day does come, show them a little extra attention. 
      So, if you will excuse me...I have some celebrating to do.

Until next time...that's my view.



  1. I absolutely agree with you! Happy birthday, Kat! Now go have a blast! ♥

  2. WhOohOOOOOOot! HappPpPpPpy Birthday you beautiful 59 year old KAT :-)

  3. Happy birthday!
    My grandmother says that people should be grateful for turning 40, 50, 60 and what not - because a lot of people never get there! I like that way of seeing it, as well as yours!

  4. Many many happy returns Kat!!!

    Although I think I have a surplus of lines and wrinkles - happy to share!!!! LOL

    Here's to the women of the world!!!! Rise up and declare your real age to prove we are NOT sissies!

    I am 52....

  5. @ Beth - Thanks! It was a good birthday!
    @ k - Thank you very much!
    @ Maren - Your grandmother is very wise. Thanks.
    @ Marlia - Thanks! I'm with go girl!

  6. Happy birthday to you! Hope you had a fabulous one!

  7. I am right beside you on all points! Loving being 62 years and 10 days old! It's been a great ride so far and it doesn't appear to be over yet (I woke up on top of the grass again today!). CELEBRATE!!

  8. Happy birthday. I have to admit I'm a little reluctant to reveal my age. (I'm considerably older than you, of course. ( - : ) I'm concerned that if people know my age they'll treat me as they think a person my age should be treated. Nope. Don't want that.

  9. @Susan - Thank you, I did have a fabulous one! :D)
    @Mom - Thank you. It certainly was lovely! :D)
    @Taylor - Thank you very much! :D)
    @Maria - I didn't have cake but I had a Fiber One 90 calorie brownie...does that count? :D)
    @Jo - You don't look 62! You look great! Age is only a number. Thanks Jo (don't get too wild there, I like hearing from you!) :D)
    @Angela - Unfortunately, you are right that some people treat you different when they think you are old (in their minds). I believe everyone should do what is most comfortable for them. Thanks for stopping by.


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