Monday, November 12, 2012

Online Eyewear - A Viable Option

      In this day and age, it doesn't surprise me that if you can imagine it, you can probably buy it on the internet.  Until just recently, though, I would never have thought about buying eyeglasses through the mail.  

     In just the last couple months I have been contacted by two different eyewear companies wanting me to blog about their products.  Naturally, I checked them out before agreeing to do so.    Through my research, I have found that online eyewear companies can be a viable option for those who don't like to pick out glasses at the eye doctor, right after having your pupils dilated, or, for those who just like to shop online from the comfort of home.

     All it takes to get quality eyewear from home is a copy of your prescription, which you can get from your eye doctor, and a credit card or paypal account.  With virtual try-ons and even in home try on programs, finding the perfect pair of glasses is not only virtually possible, but easy.

     The latest company, called Warby Parker, has some beautiful frames to pick from.  Their new line of sturdy metal eyeglasses is made of titanium.   Titanium is not only extremely durable, but makes fashionable looking frames that could be seen on any fashion runway.

    Unlike the first company,  Warby Parker did not offer me a free pair of glasses to review their product so I have not seen them in person.   After looking at their website, though, I do like what I see, especially the looks of the metal eyeglasses.  If you are in the market for new prescription glasses or sunglasses, you might check them out for yourself.

Until next time...that's my view.

This post was written in cooperation with the good people at Warby Parker.


  1. You're becoming a spokeswoman titan! Well done! I almost wish I needed glasses now.

    Actually, I probably do need glasses but I have a bit of denial going on here.

    Ah well. Congrats!

    1. Thank you Marianne. Glasses aren't so bad. I've worn them for years.

  2. Thanks for sharing the links. Sorry I have not visited you for a while and missed your earlier posts. But going to read them now.


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